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Superior sweeping and scrubbing machines for the cleanest industrial floors

Compt’s Sweeping & Scrubbing Services is renowned for using the best quality machines that satisfy all OH&S requirements, making them suitable for a wide range of applications on complex sites like dockyards and union sites through to high-rise residential carparks and everything in between.

See and feel the difference

Specialising in dust control and minimisation, our machines capture and contain the highest volumes of dust compared to any other machines available. Not only will you see the visible difference on your floors after putting us to work, you’ll breathe easier as well.  We're committed to making your workplace cleaner, safer and more productive.


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Compt's Sweeping & Scrubbing Services
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Industrial Vacuum Sweeper

American Lincoln Model MPV-60

  • Industrial vacuum sweeper with excellent performance for indoors or outdoors
  • Perfect for large areas that also demand manoeuvrability around equipment and vehicles
  • Specialised heavy duty dust brooming and screening filter means that only clean air is exhausted
  • Low profile makes it suitable for low overhead areas such as parking decks
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Industrial and Road Sweeper

Green Machine Model 525

  • An environmentally-friendly machine, specifically for road sweeping and industrial areas
  • Advanced electronic control system using minimal power, which means your floors are cleaned in a quiet, efficient and environmentally-friendly way
  • Rugged engine and four wheel drive function can handle gradients of up to 20% such as ramps with ease and power
  • Powerful brushes and impressive suction performance make light work of even the heaviest debris
  • A small turning circle and low profile makes this machine suitable for carparks, tree-lined avenues and other low clearance areas
  • The small turning circle also makes this one of the most productive machines, spending more time sweeping than turning, which ultimately means a more cost-effective service for you
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Industrial Sweeper & Scrubber Hybrid

American Lincoln Model ATS 43

  • Sweeps and scrubs all in one pass
  • Longer running time between tank refills means you reap the rewards of greater productivity and cost-efficiencies
  • The high brush pressure provides a better cleaning performance and higher productivity for a lower overall cost
  • The industry's most superior machine drawing on over 100 years of engineering experience to deliver the most reliable and productive floor cleaner
  • Excellent sweeping, scrubbing and water extraction ability

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