Compt's sweeping and cleaning

Sweeping and scrubbing services for industrial floors

Whether a shopping centre, dockyard, union, construction or building site, factory, warehouse or a small business premises, your floors will eventually need a good clean. We have a variety of floor surface care solutions suitable for both wet and dry applications.

  • Our machines scrub floors while vacuuming dirt and water in one pass, leaving a clean, dry surface
  • Our ride-on scrubbers can cover large areas such as union and construction sites, car parks, factories, shopping centres and warehouses efficiently and cost-effectively
  • We can remove long-term build-up of grease, grime, dirt and dust
  • We respond quickly to emergency flood damage situations and offer quick drying and wet vacuum extraction services

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Compt's Sweeping & Scrubbing Services
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Warehouse Sweeping & Scrubbing

Compt’s Sweeping & Scrubbing Services has rejuvenated large and small warehouses around Melbourne for over 40 years. Our sweepers and scrubbers can get under pallet racks and into hard-to-reach edges, returning your warehouse to a clean and safe working area.
For tougher, stubborn stains, dirt, dust and grime, we offer vacuum sweeping and hot wash services for your walls and floors, which is not only effective but extremely environmentally friendly. To achieve that new warehouse look and feel, our floor polishers will put the shine back into your floors.
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Carpark Sweeping & Scrubbing

Leaves, dirt, dust, litter, mud, grease – every day, carparks collect mountains of debris. If you're running a business, there's no time to think about your carpark, let alone clean it. Compt’s Sweeping & Scrubbing Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing around the clock carpark cleaning for your business.
We'll sweep, scrub, clear out the hard-to-reach edges and vacuum sweep the most stubborn stains away. And, we'll do all of this before you even get to work, so you can drive into a clean and neat carpark. Out of sight, out of mind.
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Union Site Sweeping & Scrubbing

Compt’s Sweeping & Scrubbing Services specialises in union, construction and commercial sites, holding all of the necessary OH&S accreditations. Our services range from general sweeping and scrubbing to specialised hot wash services for walls and floors to remove dirt and dust build-up. Naturally, we only use environmentally friendly technologies and methods to keep your workplace safe and productive.
Floor and dust hazards can place significant strain on your workplace productivity. Whether it's a factory, warehouse, construction site, dockyard or industrial workplace, trust Compt's Sweeping & Scrubbing Services to deliver a hassle-free and professional service. Your safety is our priority. It all starts with clean and clear floor spaces.
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